Layer management

Properly managing your layers in Photoshop can lead to better efficiency, a more editable file, and in many cases better looking illustrations. Over the years, I have moved toward a system of building up Photoshop files. I have streamlined my workflow and has lead to cleaner looking illustrations. I put together an illustration that takes into account a lot of the different types of groups that I typically use in my PSD files.

-Alex Hogrefe

Group layers

Group layers in the layers palettes. You can apply masks to groups which is useful for editing.

Select layers. Ctrl + G (Group). Uncheck Auto-Select in option bar. (This allows grouped object can move individually.)

*You can click on the Create group icon and then Layers can then be dragged into the folder one at a time or several at a time.
At Layers panel, right click – Ungroup layers.

layer 1

layer 2






source: Alex Hogrefe:

Author: Keun Park

Residential designer

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